About us

oneTwentytwo handcrafted chocolates is a chocolate and confection company, with a passion for delicious!

Founded in December 2009, we are located in Belle River, ON CANADA.

We specialize in Holiday truffle collections (Valentine’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day, and Christmas) and are known for our “to die for” sponge toffee.  We have also made a name for ourselves with our unique product “Coffee Bombs®”.  You can read how they came about in this Windsor Star article.

We always ensure every product appeals to the eye as much as the palate, guaranteeing you a sweet experience with every taste. Everything is done by hand in small batches.  Our chocolates are made using only fresh ingredients and are free of preservatives.

And in case you were wondering how we came up with our company name, 122 degrees Fahrenheit is the hottest temperature used in the tempering of chocolate.

Have a sweet day!

Diana Poirier
Owner & Chocolatier

122 handcrafted chocolates is a registered business with their certification in Food Handling from the Windsor-Essex County Health Unit.  We currently operate from our home.

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